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Our website will provide useful resources for those desiring to know about New Day Outreach Ministries, Inc. We invite you to browse our site to learn more about us and our mission in the respective communities we have the pleasure to serve.

New Day Outreach Ministries has only two beliefs or doctrines which are to promote freedom of religion and to do what is right. Everyone is responsible for determining what is right if it does not infringe on the rights of others and is within the law of the land.


Whether donating to a meaningful organization or a needy person, philanthropy is at the forefront of New Day Outreach Ministries' mission. New Day Outreach Ministries was established to increase the quality of life and strengthen the economic stability of distressed persons in the communities where we live and work with food, clothing, disaster relief, financial relief, and educational scholarships to promising students.


Part of the process of establishing this ministry is the development of a business mindset to finance the Ministry. New Day Outreach Ministries will generate income through several for-profit producing businesses owned by the Ministry which will be more than sufficient to sustain its Ministry, maintain excellent facilities, and support all outreach programs this ministry undertakes including education, hunger, poverty, health services, support for veterans, and law enforcement.


We value the rights of freedom of religion, thought, conscience, expression, assembly, and association.

We value the advancement of the Gospel of Christ for the establishment of salvation and forgiveness.

We value the pursuit of unity among everyone in the Christian  faith.

We value integrity, respect, kindness, honesty, fairness, and charity.

We value fundamental human rights where everyone must be treated equally and respectfully in society with the ability to make life's choices and develop their potential as human beings living a life free from fear, harassment or discrimination.

We value God’s calling of both men and women to Ordained Ministers

We value leadership that duplicates our Lord’s servant heart. 

We value the independence of Ministers to be able follow the leading of the Holy Spirit in the direction and government of their Ministries.

We value fellowship among Ministers for the sake of strength, prayer,   encouragement, edification, and support.

We value the separation of governmental powers, and place a premium on individual liberty, and the rule of law. 

Hi! We are New Day Outreach Ministries, Inc

Outreach Programs

New Day Outreach Ministries Inc. is a non-profit 501(c)3 IRS Tax Exempt Non-Denominational Christian Outreach Ministry and Charity registered in The State of New York. The Ministries are based on Benevolence, Charity, and Brotherly love tenets. These Ministries aim to support distressed persons' physical quality of life and strengthen the economic stability of those who live and work in our communities. The Outreach Ministry provides services to those who might not otherwise have access to those services. New Day Outreach Ministries is called to participate in initiatives within our limits that touch the lives of those we recognize are in need. As New Day Outreach Ministries renders service to the community, the Ministry is doing its job to share the goodness of The Lord with those we have the pleasure of serving. New Day Outreach Ministries Inc. will be engaged in the following activities:

Education Scholarship Assistance Program

A scholarship is an empowerment and a statement of a young person's potential. We believe in the power of education and will offer scholarships, awards, and grants to help ensure that the doors to secondary and postsecondary opportunities are open to those we can help with financial assistance who have the potential to succeed. These scholarships will be awarded to United States Citizens who are high school, undergraduate, or community college students, regardless of race, ethnicity, age, gender, or religion. Potential students must demonstrate an elevated level of academic excellence, community involvement, and leadership qualities, with at least a 3.75 GPA, have substantial financial need, and have been accepted to or presently attend an accredited prep school, four-year college, or university. Students must complete a concentration of electives in either Business, Finance, Economics, Marketing, Engineering, Health, Tech, Education, Fine Arts, or Communications and graduate with a degree and a foundation for a successful career. Before the end of each semester, the New Day Outreach Scholarship Committee will review the awarded student's grades, conduct, and progress toward their degree, and at its sole discretion determine whether to continue the scholarship. The Committee may revoke the scholarship during the academic year based on a similar review.  Students must maintain a 3.75 GPA throughout their school years. Any student who fails to complete all courses to satisfy their school's requirements to maintain a 3.75 GPA, this award will be immediately terminated. This award is limited to tuition, fees, books, and curriculum-required materials not covered by financial aid, other scholarships, or grants and cannot be applied to non-tuition expenses such as room and board. A fundamental principle of awarding these scholarships is that every student and their parents or legal guardians should contribute to their education to the extent of their abilities. 

Veterans Assistance Program

We want to give back to our Veterans. Many have laid costly sacrifices upon the altar of freedom. Veterans can find themselves underemployed, unable to access physical and mental health treatment, or struggling to maintain adequate housing. New Day Outreach Ministries will offer up to $5,000 in financial help to some of our veterans. New Day Outreach Ministries has developed a job creation program to assist these veterans in becoming financially independent, not merely because of their shared demographic traits, but also due to their leadership qualities and competitive spirits.  

Prison Ministry Program

The incarcerated men and women in prison frequently look to Ministers for nothing less than salvation. Some elements of our society like to look at those in jail as the lowest, most horrible people on the planet, and America's least sympathetic citizens would rather think that they do not deserve any pity, or that they are beyond saving.  While it is true that many prisoners commit terrible acts to warrant their presence behind locked cell doors, many of the world's religions teach us that nobody is beyond saving. The worst of us have opportunities to turn our lives around, and someone who will never get out of prison deserves a chance to find solace and turn their life around.  The penal system is primarily meant to rehabilitate,  and there exists no greater way to save a soul than through the healing power of religion and spirituality.

Financial Assistance Policy

New Day Outreach Ministries is committed to helping those in financial need experiencing unforeseen emergencies, catastrophic illness, or loss, and will offer up to $2,500 in emergency financial help to individuals and families. Many families living from paycheck to paycheck must contend with the high cost of living.

Second Chance Job Creation Program

Members of our society with criminal justice involvement form one of the most disadvantaged populations in our nation. They experience many challenges that prevent them from being successful. New Day Outreach Ministries recognizes the importance of second chances and has developed a program to assist capable formerly incarcerated participants in obtaining the competitive advantage needed to be successful and impact positive change in their communities.

Soup Kitchen Program

New Day Outreach Ministries will partner with The Food Bank Community Kitchen, The Bowery Mission, Masonic Lodges, Covenant House, and The New Primitive Church to provide meals for senior citizens and distressed persons. This Program is not intended to be just a charity. It is designed to be a lifeline for people needing nourishing food to feed themselves and their families. 

No Kid Hungry Program

New Day Outreach Ministries will partner with No Kid Hungry to feed children living with hunger in The United States. Some of these children are missing meals, and others are faced with daily uncertainty about food as their parents make tradeoffs between buying groceries or paying bills. No Kid Hungry is working to make sure every child gets three meals a day by helping communities get the resources they need to feed children.

Midnight Run Program

New Day Outreach Ministries will partner with Midnight Run of New York which coordinates relief missions where volunteers from churches, ministries, synagogues, schools, and civic groups distribute food, clothing, and personal care items to homeless persons on New York Streets.

Providing Family Meals Program

New Day Outreach Ministries will  Ministries will partner with Feeding America to bring food to families facing hunger in our communities.

School Backpack Program

Many elementary school students begin the first day of school without the supplies they need to learn. New Day Outreach Ministries will distribute new backpacks with grade-specific supplies to some of these students to ensure they are prepared to learn and meet the challenges of the coming school year.

Adopt A School Program

New Day Outreach Ministries will provide select elementary school programs with grade-specific supplies.

Winter Coat Program

New Day Outreach Ministries will provide up to 500 winter coats annually to those in need of one.

Holiday Turkey Program

New Day Outreach Ministries will distribute up to 400 Holiday Turkeys annually. We have seen firsthand how people are struggling to feed their families, especially on holidays and we're honored to be in a position to help those in need.

Senior Citizens Assisted Living Program

New Day Outreach Ministries Ministries' commitment to our seniors is never-ending. One can only imagine the wisdom they can offer from what their eyes have seen in their lifetime.  Our goal is to provide a listening ear to residents, and at times assist with providing Senior Parties with music and refreshments.

Men and Women Shelters Program

New Day Outreach Ministries will provide hair treatments, sanitary items, intimate wear, haircuts, shaves, socks, gloves, and hats to some shelter residents.

Hospital Emergency Room Program

New Day Outreach Ministries will distribute sandwiches and beverages to people in hospital emergency waiting rooms.

Hospital Children Visitation Program

New Day Outreach Ministries will assist with providing magicians, clowns, and balloon artists to visit and help cheer up hospital inpatient children.

Meet our staff

The New Day Outreach Ministries Staff and Board of Directors is an exceptional community of unique committed individuals who have demonstrated their ability to lead and have dedicated a major portion of their professional lives to charitable service with an investment of their talents, time, and money.

Reverend G.L. Butler, Senior Pastor

Reverend G.L. Butler, the visionary and leader of New Day Outreach Ministries Incorporated, has the responsibility of leading the team to effect positive change in the community through service and relationship building and serving with a focus on providing administrative leadership, oversight, and care of the organization's infrastructure, administration of financial planning and business operations, addressing the organization's long-term growth by creating a strategic plan based on industry trends and market conditions to develop new business opportunities, partnerships, or joint ventures, and the development of the organization’s community outreach strategy to help those deprived of certain services, and resources,  cultivating relationships between the ministry, community and business leaders, and performing weddings, baptisms, and funerals.  

Reverend Adam C. Butler, Executive Minister
With an extensive organizational development and management background  Reverend A.C. Butler serves as The Director of Operations for strategic planning, marketing, program management, and media engagement for the ministry's economic and community development activities. In all, his personal and professional experiences have given him a deep appreciation for how New Day Outreach Ministries, Inc. can work to improve the quality of life of the communities we serve through innovative community services as well as strategic partnerships,  and performing weddings, baptisms, and funerals. 

Executive Administrator

Executive Administrator assists the Pastors of New Day Outreach Ministries, Inc. to become more organized, taking administrative tasks off the Pastor's hands so the Pastors can focus more time on other pastoral duties. Handles all business aspects, W-2 compliance, office bookkeeping, assistant secretary of the board of directors, recording and keeping the minutes, billing, and various other activities to advance the New Day Outreach Ministry programs. 

Grant Writer-Fundraiser

This staff member is responsible for securing funding from corporations, foundations, public, private, and government sources, donor research and correspondence, marking and promoting ministry events, preparation, and solicitation mailings, and maintaining fundraising and email databases to empower New Day Outreach Ministries.

The Social Media Manager has the responsibility to create and maintain the New Day Outreach Ministries websites, develop and execute all the ministry social media programs, on all social media platforms, radio, and TV, and respond to all guest comments, posts, questions, and reviews

Board of Directors
The New Day Outreach Ministries Board of Directors is composed of those who desire to participate in good works in their local community. Those who strive to live each day by the values of honor, integrity & equality.
The board is formed to ensure that the ministry operates following its purpose and mission by approving, revising, and implementing appropriate policies.

Mr. Shawn Brown. Mr. Brown is a food service professional and a graduate of one of the nation's best culinary schools with a degree in Culinary Arts and Food Service Management. Having received a world-class culinary arts and hospitality operations education, Mr. Brown brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in the competitive food and restaurant industry to the New Day Outreach Ministries' food services programs. Mr. Brown will have the responsibility of formulating strategies for managing all food service kitchens and restaurant operations, hiring and firing staff, training, motivating, and managing the chefs, kitchen staff, and food service teams, controlling operational costs, and ensuring all compliance with licensing, hygiene, and safety regulations

Mr. Jamal Wingate. Mr. Wingate serves as Director of Finance, Quality Control and. Associate General Manager of New Day Outreach Automotive Services. 

Mr. Desmond Powell. Mr. Powell is the owner of an accounting and tax services firm. Mr. Powell provides a wide range of financial services not only to New Day Outreach Ministries but to individuals and businesses in the communities we serve. Mr. Powell, along with our banking partners will be instrumental in establishing workshops on banking, accounting, tax management services, mortgages, and personal and business loans to improve the quality of life and bring economic empowerment and change to our communities

Mr. Shakir Peters. Mr. Peters is a commodities relocation specialist whose business is in professional shipping, supply chain, and delivery. His skills and experience will be useful as one of the leaders providing the means that New Day Outreach Ministries use in the distribution of food, clothing, and care products to those in need in the communities where we live and work.

Mr. Elvin Rosa. Mr. Rosa serves as the General Manager of New Day Outreach Automotive Services which secures, repairs, finances, and sells luxury high-end quality pre-owned automobiles and ensures all vehicles are fit to hit the road assuring you a safe, comfortable, journey

Mr. Askari Moore. Mr. Moore is an accomplished performance poet and future playwright. As such he will use his talents as one of the leaders in our efforts to bring joy and provide a listening ear to our senior citizens when New Day Outreach Ministries visit senior homes, assisted living facilities, and hospitals. Our commitment to seniors is never-ending. One can only imagine the wisdom they can offer from what their eyes have seen in their lifetime. There are therapeutic benefits of poetry when read aloud to seniors and has long been thought to hold the key to unlocking emotions through the written word.

GIVING to New Day Outreach Ministries, Inc


New Day Outreach Ministries Inc. is a smaller charity with bigger needs to increase the impact of your donation.

New Day Outreach Ministries Inc. is a non-profit 501(c)3 IRS Tax Exempt Non-Denominational Christian Outreach Ministry and Charity registered in The State of New York. The Ministries are based on the tenets of Benevolence Charity and Brotherly love. These Ministries were established to accomplish dreams which include a philanthropic arm that extends beyond our talents and our resources. We aim to increase aid, support the physical quality of life of distressed persons, and strengthen the economic stability of those who live and work in our communities. 

As we strive to fulfill our mission, we rely heavily on the generosity of donors who are invaluable assets to our ministry.

Every dollar that we raise, every dollar that we spend, will be focused on supporting the organization's charitable objectives.

Your donations play a critical role in the scale at which we can serve our community. We offer many options, from a one-time donation to monthly or annual giving.

New Day Outreach Ministries Inc. is a 502(c)3 tax-exempt charitable organization and charitable contributions are tax-deductible for income, gift, and estate taxes. Our Federal Tax Identification Number (FEIN) is 92-3846432.

Making donations constitutes an agreement to relinquish control of said donations as per IRS regulations making all contributions 100% tax deductible. 

Donors acknowledge and agree that New Day Outreach Ministries Inc. retains full discretion over how and to whom it distributes donated funds to further the organization's charitable purposes.

New Day Outreach Ministries Inc. accepts many types of assets, including cash, publicly traded securities, private company stock, limited partnership shares, mutual fund shares, bonds, cryptocurrency, bitcoins, oil and gas royalty interests, private business interests, hedge fund interests, pre-IPO shares, homes, life insurance, planned giving, automobiles, boats, RVs, and motorcycles. Once you make a contribution you will receive a tax exemption receipt. 

We accept Direct Bank ACH, Checks, Certified Checks, Cashier’s Checks, Visa,  Mastercard, American Express, Discover, PayPal, Venmo, Apple Pay, Zelle, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay. To donate by mail, please send checks to New Day Outreach Ministries, Inc. 800 Westchester Avenue, N641, Rye Brook, New York 10573.

Your dollars make a difference. Big or small, your gift helps. Please consider donating if you are able.

Thank you for your generosity.

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